Join The Affiliate and Social Business Partner Conversation...
Hope Connected is more than just training - it is our movement developing together into better social entrepreneurs, at the same time, while supporting our cause, and inspiring our teammates.
The information being taught will provide clarity for those wanted to go i300 and beyond!

What does it mean to go i300? For starters you have developed an impact that is producing over 8000 monthly nourishments (300 per day) to children in need. You are being rewarded financially on average of over $2000 per month, and you have proven yourself as someone who is a leader. Now just duplicate this 4 times and you are an i1000. In most cases this is a path to financial freedom!!!!

During this event we will cover:

How to develop your game plan for a FOCUSED BLITz, and How to Book Solid Appointments both online and offline. 

For the business owner we will discuss how to utilize your place of business to build to hope movement.

We will learn from a powerhouse panel, speak with a professional Doctor as to the power of integrative health, and learn how to attract different types of affiliate marketers. 

In addition, we will explore our ESWPN program, and then learn how to launch our team leaders to i300 and beyond.

Those that plug into this event will surely go to the next level.
This LIVE broadcast event is designed to bring clarity for those wanting to become, and help others become an i300. Imagine - Feeding 300 kids per day while also enjoying over $2000 per month of residual income, and a TRIP to Mexico
  • Blitzing with Focus to Go i300 
  •  Booking Solid Appointments Online / Offline 
  •  Attracting Different Types of Affiliate Marketers 
  •  Using the ESWPN as Part of Your Strategy 
  •  Panel Discussion  
  •  Launching your New Teams to i300
Feeds 1 Child for 28 Days - Full Price $20
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